Princess Pisses Off People YAYYYYYYYY Me!!!!!

Hi dumbasses! Did you think I was never coming back? I figured I should come let all the losers know the 411 about the phone sex Princess since so many of you can not contact Me via niteflirt. :mad:

The people at niteflirt decided to go on this lets kick some girls off the site phase and I was one that got the Axe. They said I participated in “under aged domination” and you can not do that on their site. :roll: :shock:

Yes there is girls like phone baby kate, and barely legal with no taboos, but I call you losers, tell you freaks I have limits, but I get the boot. Seems My stalker skank ho bag just will not give up, or I have a jilted caller who wanted Me gone. :roll:

Now then where does this leave you guys since you can not call the phone sex princess? I have a lot of email asking if I am coming back or have I resigned up under another name. Yea AS IF :!: :!: Why would I want to go back to them just to shut Me off again? HATES IT:sad: :!: :!: :!:

I am not sure what I am going to do as of yet, Lisa and paulie and well all My peeps say I should just ditch it all. So losers shall I ditch it all? :idea:

Well I do have something in store for you wankies, but I have to plan it out, so I will be back for at least one more post. YAYYYYYYYYY for you :razz: . I think the prezzies better start coming in if you all want Me to think about staying around. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE :!: :!: :!:

Ta Ta dum dums
Princess Crissy :twisted:

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6 Responses to “Princess Pisses Off People YAYYYYYYYY Me!!!!!”

  1. mike Says:

    Please don’t listen to Lisa and paulie and ditch your femdom routine. You are the perfect teasing, humiliating bitch and I jerk off to thoughts of you constantly. Please join Talksugar or clips4sale or something, so that small-dicked losers like me will have a perfect bitch to think about and beat off to.

  2. cuckyboy Says:

    Mistress V got kicked off too. Don’t know if it was for the same reason.
    Anyway, you don’t need them so I say fuck ‘em! ;)

  3. poorfatboy Says:

    oh please dont leave us princess, I know I couldent call much but it was one of the few thing I oh so looked fordward to, oh please please please *kisses bottoms of princess’s shoes*

  4. Pussy Denied Loser Says:

    If you enjoy reading the Princess website and having her do the best phone sex ever show her and buy her a present. I just got the Princess something from her wish list. All you other losers should go and buy her something NOW and show the Princess how much we want her to stay.

  5. New Guy Says:

    I don’t think calling her a bitch will bring her back. I started reading your site and i am hypnotized by the beauty and additude of you. write more stuff so that we have something to look forward to :)

    ill be back soon.

  6. Princess Kiki Says:

    forget the haters!!!

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