Browser Hate and Calling Losers Back

Hi fuckwads! The Princess is pissy. I am fucking hating My web browser at the moment. I have been trying for days to upload pics, attach to email, something and it would crash every fucking time. I called geek and was screaming at him about it, so he says he will come check My stuff cuz I may have a virus or some shit.

Nice, I tell him, and if I do he is gonna get the sack beating of a lifetime because he is supposed to ensure that I do not run it to that kinda stuff. Well the turdmunch finally comes over, a day later because he had to work. He fucks with My PC and after he did what you fucking nerdy geek boys do, he says it has to be your browser.

I had recently updated to the latest version of firefox and that seems to be a broke function. Nice programming douchbags. HATES IT!!!!!!

On another totally bitchin note, with My new phone sex company, I can choose the customer from My list that has called Me before, and call them back, at any time, for a Princess fee of course. HAHAHA talk about a Princess wake up call. Picture this 3 am, your phone is ringing, you answer only to realize Princess is there and she wants to talk to you. Frantically you punch in the digits to your credit card so you can talk to the Princess. You get connected and hear WAKE UP LOOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, then CLICK. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVES IT!!!!

Oh yea and on another note, a few dumbasses think I would want to date, them. Here is my response to those fuckers who want to date Me. Click here to learn how to date the Princess, lets see if you can figure out My clue. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Ta Ta

Princess Crissy

Loser Test

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