Princess Lisa’s Birthday is near….get to shopping!

Hi shit stains! Princess Lisa here again. Okay, so I’m bored and wide awake, what else would I want to do at a time like this other than humiliate all you little cum sucking losers!?!? I must say, Crissy and I have had quite the day of putting you losers in your place, at our feet buying us prezzies, in case your puny little brains forgot.

So, my birthday is fast approachingĀ  and I expect plenty of prezzies from all you dumb asses! You will find a few of the things my little heart desires on my wish list, so, get to shopping! If you get stuck on what to buy me, give Crissy a call. Be sure to buy her a prezzie or two for helping you out. Until next time losers…


Princess Lisa

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