Cream Filled Delight For the Denied Dumbass

Hi dumbasses! How are all you little festering blisters these days? Damn, that was so not nice huh? YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY I am wonderful since i know you were going to ask Me that.

Life has been good, I am still My mean girl bitch Princess self, I am still the phone sex Princess, and you are all still losers. LOVES IT!!! Lisa is rocking the phone pretty well too, and the losers have been coming around to talk to us. Self sucking cock loving bitches. Sissy baby whom play in doody cuz I said so. Forced intoxication and blackmail.

Ok thats on the phone, now lets talk about the mean girl thing I did to toy last night because he was being a whining sniveling little bitch. Yes he is still cock locked and in chastity for Me. HE was whining that I have not let him out in a while. Three weeks to be precise, he reminded Me in his little tantrum.

Well I Made him go home (next door) and then I told Princess Lisa that I wanted to come play with her and BDD. She is over there a lot these days, so I went over there for a little threesome, big huge cock action.

It was hot, and nasty, dirty, and then I left with BDD cum in My pretty princess pussy, as per Lisa’s direction, she decided it would be a nice gift for the whining bitch toy. So then I went to toys house for some pussy licking love, then he started to eat Me and when he was nice and sloppy wet, I told him of the present he was eating, and thats what he will get from now on. LOVES IT!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY for sneak attack of pussy filled with man spootie. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

He tried to turn his head a little then but I put all My weight down so he had to eat or suffocate. He did pretty good, then when I was sure I was clean, I grabbed the cellie and called Lisa and told her all about it since she wanted the details. I made the little cum licker paint My toes while I talked to her, he did it with a lot of enthusiasm. Guess he wants to be unlocked soon.

Well fucktards I shared My fun, call so I can tell you all about the guys I do fuck, and you can tell Me about how you are pussydenied!!! LOVES IT SO MUCH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I am outtie, you better get to shopping and calling Princess Lisa too since it is almost her birthday. Shop for Me to just cuz I said so, I want prezzies!!!!! got it losers?

Ta Ta
Princess Crissy

Phone Sex Princess Crissy 1-888-563-1930

Phone Sex Princess Lisa 1-888-563-1932

I almost forget, our friend jess whom has been on many Princess outings, decided to give the Princess Phone Sex a whirl, she even started her own blog, so check her out, she will take away what little manhood you might possibly have left

Princess Jess

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