Princess Lisa shares sexcapades if…………

Hi losers! Princess Lisa her again, don’t you feel special now? Don’t go splooging in your pants over it, neither Crissy nor I have given you permission to do so! You little wastes of space should be happy that Crissy told you about our latest escapade first, she really treated you! I don’t think you all deserve that much, I was going to give you fuck tards a taste, just not 1/2 the pie. I think it’s only fair you cum guzzlers get to shopping for the both of us since we decided to share.

I know how easy it is for you pea brained dumbasses to forget, so here’s a little reminder……..MY BIRTHDAY IS GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER!!!! YYYAAAAYYYY!!!  So be good little piggies and go buy me prezzies! Depending on how quickly my mail box fills up with goodies, I might actually have a heart and share some of my sexcapades with BDD (and others) for all of you to wank your pathetic little pee pee’s to…….providing you can find it of course! Until next time losers……..


Princess Lisa

We Tease and Humiliate Losers!

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