Suffication by Testicles, Breath Play By BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi losers! I am good, feeling fine and yes I still think nothing of you. YAYYYYYYYY Me. Anyway I am feeling feisty today so I decided to come tell ya what I did to sissy paulie the other night. I am far more mean to him and toy these days since Lisa is gone at BDD all the damn time.

Back to Me, I was feeling pretty mean girl, hot because it is goddamn Arizona, and a little tipsy cuz I had made toy make Me some strawberry daiquiris. I decided to have paulie fuck his fleshlight for My amusement. To make it more fun I decided instead of him watching porn he could watch ultimate fighting. LOVES IT!!!!! He was watching the big men beat the fuck out of each other, their sweat flying everywhere, and I made him tell Me how he would take care of the big strong men.

Toy was laughing by now, and saying shit like the bitch would breath in and the balls would stuck in to his nose and suffocate him. That of course set the Princess light bulb off, so I told toy to drop his pants and I told sissy to lay on the floor, lets see if testicles can be used for breath play. LOLOLOLOOLOLOL LOVES IT!!! Sissy humiliation with ball sack and breath play by testicles. He had this look of fear in his face when I yelled at toy to hurry up, then I ran to go get the ever fucking wonderful DUCT TAPE!!!

I wrapped the duct tape around paulies head and over his mouth, yes slightly extreme, but I was feeling evil. I told toy to get over him and tea bag his nose for Me, I wanna see his nostrils suckup a sack. MWHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA Sissy was breathing in and sure enuff he sucked in the sack and could not breath. Toy was the bitch and pulled away so I smacked him in his exposed genitals and told him to stop being a pussy 911 is a phone call away should he stop breathing.

I had a fucking fabulous time making him squirm under toys balls, watching his eyes water and the fear of if he was going to pass out or die was the shit. Lisa was kinda pissed she missed it so I told her we could do it again for her amusement as well only I think we should go find a dirty bum and use his gross dirty balls. MWHAHAHAAH LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok My nasty ball sniffing losers, my phone is not ringing as much as it should be, nor is Lisas from what she told Me this morning. Her birthday is coming, and I am just Me so get the PREZZIES damn it!!!

Ta Ta
Princess Crissy

Call Princess Crissy, the Phone Sex Princess —Humiliation for dumb fucking losers— 1-888-563-1930

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2 Responses to “Suffication by Testicles, Breath Play By BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Princess Lisa Says:

    Hey now, hold on Crissy, you know damn well why I’m over at BDD all the time! Get over it!! Besides, didn’t I tell you it’s more fun to be my kind of mean?!?! These losers could only dream of being on the receiving end of paulie, toy, and BDD. I will be home soon (if I can move in the morning) and we will give these douche bag losers some good reading!!!

    ~Air kisses~


    Princess Lisa

  2. toy Says:

    [with apologies to Dr. Seuss]
    The sun, did it shine!
    It was too hot to play.
    So we sat in the house on that hot hot hot day.
    I sat there with paulie
    we sat there, we two.
    And we said how we wished
    there was something to do.
    Too hot to go out,
    too hot to play ball.
    So we sat in the house
    and did nothing at all.
    But then came the Princess.
    She came from the hall.
    She said “Get up boys!
    We’re gonna suck balls!”
    So paulie got taped
    and i got stripped down,
    and then Princess yelled
    “Now wipe off my frown!”
    And oh what then happened!
    How it did, heaven knows!
    For there lay poor paulie
    with my sac up his nose!
    And Princess was pleased,
    She clapped Her hands loud.
    She smiled and She grinned,
    “You boys make Me proud!”
    But then Princess left,
    She went back down the hall.
    But we got what we want…
    a happy pleased Princess, after all.

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