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Fleshlight - The Best Sex Toy for Men

The Best Sex Toy for Men

Hi guys! I am Crissy, the Princess of Phone Sex, and the Fleshlight Princess. I thought I would talk about the Fleshlight with you so you know all about it and why I love it. I came across it one day while looking for new male sex toys to use on My boys, for stamina training, tease, denial, and humiliation.

The fleshlight reviews on the forums were great, and everything I read said it was like the real thing. So I bought a fleshlight to try out on My sissy and he was in pure heaven. He said jackin off does not feel this good, that the fleshlight feels just like real pussy, and when I finally did let him cum it was awesome. Well I was hooked and got a fleshlight for My boytoy, he loves it, begs Me to let him use it, then begs Me to make him stop. For more information about the Fleshlight, visit fleshlight.com.

Fleshlight is Better Than Jackin Off!

After 2 million dollars in research and lots of jackin off in the bathroom at work, err.. umm… testing, ILF brings you the Fleshlight.

The Fleshlight is made from a super soft, stretchy flesh-like material neatly and discreetly packaged in a flashlight type package with a cap to cover the end. It feels like real pussy and perfectly simulates real penetrative sex. Just warm it up, apply some lube, insert your dick, and fuck your pussy. This male sex toy is better than masturbation because it correctly simulates real sex. Those lucky enough to have had real pussy will tell you jackin off is not the same. The Fleshlight is great for stamina training in preparation for real sex.

The fleshlight comes in several styles with several different inserts including a pussy, a mouth, a butt, and one with a discreet slit. Hide this in the toolbox and the wife or girlfriend will never know the difference, that is until the power goes out. If she finds it, just tell her it’s for changing spark plugs or unplugging the toilet. Who knows, this might even replace the wife or girlfriend.

Fleshlight Videos

I seem to have a small collection of fleshlight videos started, so I made a special page for them.