My 411

The world was graced with My presence on March 24th, 1980. I was born in Cali, and lived there most of My life. I moved to Arizona since I have friends and family there. My name is Crissy, not Christina. My Mom liked it so that’s what I got. My parents were never married, he (meaning My father) was a toy for Mom, I was an accident. I learned the art of manipulating men from her. I grew up seeing how you can use men to get what you want, and since I got awesome genetics (cuz I am so damn cute) I too have learned the art of fucking men over.

I am a dominant Female, men are beneath Women, Period. I enjoy many fetishes, CBT, Humiliation, tease and denial (DUHHH), strap on, sissy guidance, Financial Domination, ok just whatever makes Me smile that’s My fetish LOL, but I do have a fondness for the tiny dick boys, cuz those make Me laugh the hardest.

I live with My best friend Lisa, we have been friends since we were in elementary school. We are so much alike, I can share and do anything with her, there is never a dull moment when we are together. She is a complete hottie as well so she has picked up a few tricks from Me along the way, and the 2 of us together is DEADLY LOLOLOL. I am single, I get asked that alot, and I intend on staying that way. I do have boytoys as I call them, but that is just for My amusement, and can be replaced easy. I feel no need for any clingy, beat their chest male trying to control Me, I do what I want, when I want, how I want PERIOD.

YES YES YES I love sex, BUT, I am very picky, and yes dick size does matter!!!!! Anything under 7" is a joke, not worth My time except to make fun at or torture. I will make you prove the size too. If I say drop your pants and show me, you’d better, otherwise NEXT. I am a no bullshit kinda girl, My way or none at all.

Now on to how I started on the phone. I have always used Men and a friend showed Me this thing called Niteflirt and said I bet you could have fun there. I am good at talking so I figured ok lets PLAY. Well needless to say there is a plethora of losers out there just waiting to be abused, used, taken for a ride, and I am just the girl to do it. So I have not been on Niteflirt but 6 mths and already I’ve been a top ten speaker. Men are weak. I look good, so they give Me what I want, AND I LOVE IT.

So I am now the Princess of Phone sex, only I am not having Phone Sex in the way most think about it. I do not moan and groan in the phone (well unless you count the few times I have let some loser pay to listen to Me use a boytoy, and hear what they can never have). I do not tell you to fuck My pussy, slap My ass, and I do not stroke your ego by saying : oh you make My pussy sloppy wet. If that’s the fantasy you are looking for I am the wrong girl. I will tease you, manipulate you, work you into a frenzy where you can not help but give Me what I want.What do I want you ask???? Mind, body, soul, oh yea and the most important, CASH and gifts DUHHHHHHHHHH. It’s what every Princess wants, and deserves. So again if you can not do this, then you are in the wrong place.

Let Me define a loser for you. Now this may not be your traditional thought (well ok yes it is) but all men can be reduced to that loser, weak, submissive state, even the most well rounded, educated man can be so worked up that nothing else matters but the erection and making it squirt. Of course there are those ewwwwwwwww nasty, smelly, buck teeth, pocket protector geeks as well, but basically any male type.

I made this site because it seems you losers have no life, so you like to know what I do in Mine. Yes some of what I do is "out" there, but I am wild, live on the edge, and have fun. I like to laugh, so if I shove a broom in a guys ass to make Me laugh, or jump from a cliff for the rush, its because I am fun and you are NOT HAHA. SO now that you have gotten some 411 on Me I will give you a few list items of other things you might want to know about your new Princess.

I will add and change these as I see fit, since I am a Princess My moods change like a light switch!!!!!!!!!!!

Parties, dancing, SHOPPING, pedis and manis, the sun (Princess loves to be in the sun), being pampered, having multiple orgasms, intelligent conversation, reality TV (what can I say it’s addicting), MONEY, fast cars, my car (silver Lexus IS300), fat cocks, Prezzies, Sex in the morning, Being the Princess of Phone sex, working out and sweating, having My shaved pussy licked ALOT, poking smot, eating Lisa’s wet pussy, My dog, name brands, Platinum and diamonds. Fav colors, pink, purple, and silver.

Skank ho bags (I will give you the definition of this later), ferrets, cockroaches, cheap men, minute men, sushi, long lines (I hate to wait for anything), generic anything, little dicks, guys who think they are "the shit", spinach.

Favorite Foods
Low carb anything SUCKS, I avoid that, that’s why I have a trainer so I can eat what I want and still look good. My favorite snack is cinnamon toast crunch cereal (dry) yum yum, anything hot and spicy, Godiva Chocolate, cotton candy, ceaser salad, diet dr pepper (ok so that is not a food but sometimes it is all I have time for).

Favorite TV Shows
The Simple Life, 24, ok did I mention 24? ok yes 24 is the best, 24, 24, and 24, anything reality, South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Family Guy, Futurama.

Favorite Music
I love all kinds of music, Disturbed, Korn, Stained, No doubt, Brintney, Madonna, techno, Lords of acid, nelly, petey pablo, ok there is more but I think to many to actually name, so very eclectic.

Favorite Movies
Mean Girls (it rocked), Grease, Bad Boys, Pretty Woman

Favorite Books
Okay who needs books when there is the internet????

Political Views
Kerry SUCKS, enough said.

As you can see this is all about Me, besides that’s all I care about anyway. If you do not like My views or thoughts OH WELL, you know how to click the X in the corner and go away, but If you are still here and reading this then it is time to call and give to the Princess.