Cast of Characters

Tease and Denial with Rob and Jill

-Princess Crissy- (Me wankie) and well if you want to know about Me, this is not the place to learn. Go get the down low on Me on My 411 page.

-Lisa- She is My roommate and My best friend. We do get in to lots of trouble, and we are the best partners in crime. We can tease and deny, and humiliate better than anyone.

-Sissy paulie- He is My “slave” if thats what I would call him. He is My bitch. He has a tiny penis and not good for sex at all. But he sucks a mean cock when I make him and takes what his Princess dishes out. He has a pink bow on his sack displaying his bitch status. Him and the guys have learned to master the art of fleshlight fucking.

-Toy-He is just what his name says My toy. He lives next door so He is close when I need him. I control his orgasm cuz I made him pierce his cock and let Me lock it up. I have made him do many things to stay around Me, and he is a good fuck. Lisa and I have fun with him

-BDD- Big dick dan, just as the name states. He is one of Lisa’s main lay, and his roommate is one of My pain bitches

Allan- My latest victim, I liked him and was almost going to date him normally, but decided against it. He also now has a pierced cock that I control, so his status is now like boy toy. They both love Me. HAHAHAHA BARF!

-Tireman- He is the dumb fuck that got a little to cocky and thought I was a dumb blond. Well I kinda extort him just a lil bit. HAHAHAHA Ok blackmail him, I have pictures of him that his wife and job would not like so he pays Princess a holding fee.

I have others that I talk about but these are the main ones, I will add more as I need to but now you can get a fast rundown on who is who, say thank you Princess for helping our pee brain HAHAHAHAH LOVES IT